Posted by: davidgarnerconsulting | October 5, 2009

Forestry Investment Secure and Profitable – David Garner Consulting

Off shore investment consultancy David Garner consulting has described its new forestry investment in Panama as “somewhat of a no-brainer”, mainly because of the application of a secure investment structure and the commissioning of FSA regulated trustees to the project and the global growth in demand for timber.

David Garner Consulting say their forestry investment in Panama is capable of returning £145,200 from an outlay of just £30,000, with bank guarantees in place to protect investors capital and returns

David Garner, Managing Partner says “We have been searching global markets for a secure investment vehicle that allows our clients exposure to this asset class, but at the same time mitigates the inherent risks. The application of bank guarantees buyers of the timber harvest and the whole transaction overseen by FSA regulated Trustees does just that and after extensive due diligence we are happy to put our name, capital and reputation to our recommendation.”

“Our chosen product is SIPP approved and therefpore we have had clients investing their pension funds, adding much desired exposure to alternative assets” he added.

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