Posted by: davidgarnerconsulting | October 5, 2009

Forestry Investment The Way Forward?

Forestry investment is one of the best ways to sure up your financial future as part of the Self Invested Personal Pension scheme, especially if this is your first time, it has been stated. Soaring demand for tropical hardwood outstripping the supply of such products makes timber a high-yielding investment, and the low outlay makes it an excellent entry level product according to international investment consultancy David Garner Consulting.

“A growing number of individuals, endowments and pension funds are including forestry investment as a hard asset in their portfolios, including Harvard University, which has invested 12% ($500million this year) of its endowment fund in timber,” said David Garner Managing Partner with the firm.”As green awareness rises around the world, timber looks more attractive than ever,” he added.

Demand for tropical hardwoods has multiplied nearly 25 times in the last four decades as global populations expand. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation consumption of industrial wood will rise a further 60% over the next 25 years.Property Frontiers is currently marketing two separate products for investment in forestry, one in Sri Lanka and one in Costa Rica.

“We live in a changed world. While we still consider ourselves as property investment specialists, anyone who didn’t know the importance of having a diversified portfolio quickly learned it over the last 2 years. For that reason we are and will continue to diversify the range of investment products we offer, so that our clients can diversify their portfolios with a company that has earned their trust.”


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