Posted by: davidgarnerconsulting | October 5, 2009

Forestry Investment – Why Invest in Forestry

There are two main reasons why more people are now investing in forestry.

Firstly, It is important for all of us – and our children. Global Cooling is an essential and time sensitive process, necessary for the restoration of balance to our environment – its reliance upon trees cannot be understated. Forests can offset climate change because trees absorb carbon dioxide, one of the main greenhouse gases. But, all round the world, forests are being cut back through indiscriminate logging, and new trees are desperately needed to replace them.

Secondly, in today’s changing world many people feel let down by conventional financial investments and prefer to explore “fresh” types of opportunity. By owning “hard assets”, which are tangible (you can visit your trees any time) they will appreciate as they grow. Owners can choose when they want to harvest their trees, which will then be sold for a profit. New trees are then planted on the same land. Forestry has been one of the highest performing asset classes for over 50 years (5 times higher than Equities & Bonds in 2007 according to FT.Com).

“Forestry was the best-performing asset class of 2007, delivering returns of 31.6%”, according to the IPD index (Investment Property Databank)


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