Posted by: davidgarnerconsulting | October 6, 2009

Forestry Investment – Bhutan introduces e-forestry system

Forestry Investment – In a move that could be of interest to forestry investors, Bhutan’s Department of Forestry (DoF) has announced it is to introduce an e-forestry service to improve its public service delivery system.

DoF director, Karma Dukpa, said in a statement: “By using electronic services, we’ll deliver our services faster.” He added that the present manual procedure of procuring wood was cumbersome and not transparent.

The region of Trongsa will be the initial pilot site for the new e-forestry system. The aim is to implement the system across Bhutan in December.

The DoF’s ICT officer, Pema Gyeltshen, described the current process of procuring wood from the forests: “It takes weeks. The farmer goes to the gup for a signature, which he then has to take to the Dzongkhag Forest Officer (DFO) in the respective Dzongkhag.” Travel time to the nearest DFO can often be several days.

The new e-forestry system enables the farmer to submit the paperwork online in a matter of minutes. The information is verified and approved by the DFO online without the need for physical travel.


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