Posted by: davidgarnerconsulting | October 6, 2009

Forestry Investment – Entrepreneurs aim to get rich by investing in forests

Forestry Investment – A recent report in CNBC’s European Business magazine details how an increasing number of entrepreneurs are investing in areas of rainforest, attributing value to them and selling them at a profit later on.

Establishing the value of rainforest in terms of its ‘ecosystem services’ is a key part of how the world will help to reduce climate change in the future. As soon as the rainforest is worth more standing than when it is cleared, people will stop chopping it down and money instead can be made by those owning the land and selling the ‘services’.

These ‘ecosystem services’ include storage of water, storage of carbon dioxide, the generation of rainfall and the provision of habitat for wildlife.

Advocates of the new attitude to rainforests argue that halting deforestation is by far a cheaper alternative to investing billions in developing new technologies, clean energies and low-emissions cars.

This new frontier in green investment is conscious that environmental issues are rarely dealt with unless money can be made. The new investment programmes springing up around the world offer a chance to invest in sustainable forestry while watching an investment grow along with the trees.

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