Posted by: davidgarnerconsulting | October 6, 2009

Forestry Investment Goes High Tech

A precision forestry company has bought the rights to a remote-sensing system that will generate timely and cost-effective forest inventory analysis, and enable assessment of carbon sequestration.

Norwegian-based ImageTree Corporation has signed a 12 year agreement with Blom Group, a collector of geographic information operating throughout Europe. The deal is for the North American licensing rights.

The product is Lidar, a remote-sensing system used to collect topographic data aerially. This is a key component of ImageTree’s ForestSense technology platform.

ImageTree’s CEO Mark Redlus said: “This formalizes a longstanding technology relationship between ImageTree and Blom in the United States and Canada, and extends ImageTree’s marketing presence to the European front.”

Blom is based in Oslo, Norway and is, according to Redlus, the European leader in collecting and processing map and image data, among the world’s largest collectors of aerial geographic information, with dozens of aircraft platforms located from North Africa to Finland.

Jan Biström, managing director of Blom Kartta, the Blom division responsible for aerial photography and digital mapping solutions said: “Our lidar component is used to automatically detect relationships between individual tree-crown characteristics and the associated trees. The agreement puts both of our companies in enviable marketplace positions.”

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